Where is the story of where to help?

All eyes are on Ukraine right now. It’s impossible to look away. And yet, as the news churns and stories swirl and perspectives collide, is there not a temptation to pause, to take stock, to reflect and debate, to discern nuance and calculate risk?

No, we do not have that luxury. The people of Ukraine do not have that luxury. They cannot press pause and wait for a convenient moment to play back the day’s events on DVR. They can’t switch to a different channel more to their liking. So why should we? In moments of truth like this, when we see and hear people who need help—wherever they may be—what must we do?

See, do. Hear, react. Take charge, take ownership and take action. Each of us, within our means, can work to relieve human suffering. We have that capacity.

And I’m not talking about capacity in theoretical terms. All humans can, if they choose, draw upon the infinite potential of kindness and compassion.

The capacity I’m talking about now for Ukrainians is the time, money, goods and energy that many Americans are amply blessed with.

I’m talking about real stuff. Food, medicine, clothing, shelter. This is stuff that can be gathered, packaged, loaded and shipped to where it’s needed most. American businesses of all kinds can do that. No need to wait for government response and resolution. The story of where and how to help is within our grasp now.

SpartanNash is sending relief to Ukraine through Convoy of Hope. Likewise, we contributed to direct humanitarian support in Afghanistan last fall in that moment of truth. The military division of our company gives us access to fast shipping, and I can’t thank the people of SpartanNash enough for using their talents in food sourcing, distribution and logistics to send food and supplies to people in need even as conflict intensifies at the destination.

Their story inspires me, and I hope the dedication of our Associates inspires you. There will be time in the months ahead to piece together exhaustive geo-political narratives. I truly hope the events that fueled these brutal, inhumane acts serve as lessons for our kids … lessons we all should have learned by now. I trust they’ll see how a new kind of individually driven, collectively enacted Marshall Plan of the 2020s helped restore hope for the good of the entire global community.

Until then, I stand with Ukraine.

Stand with me.


Give Hope, Share Hope — Convoy of Hope