Starting A New Borden Tradition: The Ring of Honor

At Borden Dairy, we’re working hard to embed People First values even deeper in our organization, and one way of doing that is by saying thank you. That’s something we can do personally in the moment as part of our day-to-day activities. But we can also step back as a company and recognize achievements in a way everyone can see. Some accomplishments stand out, and our new Ring of Honor Program goes big to say thanks and celebrate employees leading Borden forward.

The Ring of Honor Program is for the top one percent of frontline employees and commissioned route sales employees. This year, 30 people were recognized for their extraordinary achievements at a two-day event at our headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

In South Carolina, a route sales representative grew sales by five percent, reduced returns by two percent and saved two hours a week. In Florida, a relief driver canceled vacation three times to assist with hurricane relief, driving 370 miles a day to serve his customers. In Texas, an accounts receivable coordinator recouped $94,000 in payments one customer had missed and reduced past due payments from $213,000 to $38,000 in a year’s time for another account.

How do you thank people for that kind of drive and commitment? Red carpet, noisemakers, confetti and a marching band drum line—and that’s just to get to the awards banquet. Earlier, we had a scavenger hunt, toured the Dallas Cowboy’s practice facility and held a poolside reception. And yes, each person received a beautifully crafted ring and commemorative Ring of Honor jacket.

Notably, this is not the kind of event you outsource. Members of our headquarters team staffed the welcome tables. Borden IT people oversaw the technology. We had breakfast together. At the awards banquet, we also shared a fun fact about each person and handed out gag gifts. (One man who cuts the grass for his elderly neighbors received a t-shirt that read, “I’m sexy and I mow it.”)

A year from now, I’ll report back on the next class of Ring of Honor recipients. What amazing accomplishments will we celebrate? I can’t wait to find out and thank them for their contributions to Borden.